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Personal portfolio of Ina Dimova.
Ina Dimova,
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Персонално портфолио на Ина Димова.
Ина Димова,
Но-Фрост ©2007,

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No-Frost Print Design

Annual reports, catalogues, brochures, books, product packaging, posters, magazines, invitations, calendars… every little thing needs an appropriate design in order to communicate its idea, to do its job, or just to look good.

No-Frost Print Website Design And Development

A website is not only the most versatile way to invest in advertisment, but also a powerful instrument for solving real world business problems. A well designed and executed website can deliver various results not achievable with traditional advertising forms, like reinforcing brand identity, building up client loyalty, increasing sales, collecting information about clients, conducting market research and beyond.

No-Frost Print Multimedia

We create multimedia presentations, promotional games, games for the gambling industry, virals/guerilla advertising.

No-Frost Print Corporate Identity

The development of a corporate image gives your brand a style, a consistent look between different media, a recognizable and memorable face that communicates your business attitude. Corporate Identity design may include the design and creation of anything related to your business - from logo and letterhead, through business cards, stationery and product packaging, to outdoor media and interior design…

No-Frost Print Web Hosting

We offer affordable and reliable hosting services shaped to your particular needs. Our server is located in a high-end Data Center in USA.

No-Frost Print Clients